Historical Data

  1. Consumer Price Index Monthly Data (text file from the St. Louis Fed)
  2. CRSP Center for Research in Security Prices
  3. Data Relating to the Market Environment (Ameritrade)
  4. Downloadable Finance Datasets A number of sources of downloadable historical data, compiled by Ohio State.
  5. Economic Indicators Economic Indicators, prepared and published monthly for the Joint Economic Committee, by the Council of Economic Advisers. Sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate on the United States Government Printing Office web site.
  6. Federal Reserve Data WWW Links and BBC Dialup Numbers for the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors.
  7. Fidelity Select Mutual Fund Data from Fasttrack Free download of 8+ years of daily data on all the Fidelity Select mutual funds. Data available in spreadsheet, MetaStock, or Windows on Wall Street format.
  8. Global Financial Data An extensive long-term historical database for stock markets, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates. The database includes over 50 countries and goes back to the 1690s on a monthly basis. Some free on-line research and some free historical data is available, including 700 years of inflation data and 200 years of stock market and exchange rate data.
  9. INFORUM EconData Economic time series data from INFORUM, at the University of Maryland. Several hundred thousand economic time series, produced by a number U.S. Government agencies and distributed in a variety of formats and media, can be found here.
  10. St. Louis Fed The FRED database (Federal Reserve Economic Data). Lots of great historical economics data Here!
  11. STAT-USA US Commerce Dept, Economics and Statistics Admin
  12. Treasury Bill Rate Monthly Data (text file from the St. Louis Fed)

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