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Broker Discussion Forum If you are thinking about switching brokers, or opening an account with a broker, this is the place for you! This is the place for traders to discuss the various brokers. Users can share complaints, experiences, or questions. Find out about account minimums, fills, service and more!

The Pitbull Investor Discussion ForumThe Pitbull Investor is a Disciplined Mechanical stock investment system for trading high growth stocks.. This is a place where "Pitbullers"and "Pitbulls To Be" can get together!

Point & Figure Charting Discussion Point & Figure is a charting method which has been used in the marketplace for well over a hundred years by many greats including Mr. Charles Dow himself! P&F charts are based on price movement, and give a very clear picture as to which force(supply or demand) has the upper hand. P&F charts eliminate a lot of the small insignificant price fluctuations that are reported in standard bar charts(often causing false signals). They also are very good at pointing out key reversals in the supply/demand ratio.

Mutual Fund Trading Forum This forum is dedicated to Mutual Fund trading. Users can share comments about trading the mutual funds, sector rotation, taxes, returns, ect....

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